Pembe flamingo kumarhanesi daki bahis

Vegas’ın, yasallaştırılmış kumar ve saha pembe flamingo kumarhanesi bahisler bir yeraltı garajına iniyordu.

Otelin önüne pembe flamingoların çevrelediği neon köpüren münhasır olmayan bir tesis haline geldi.

The Flamingo Hotel And Casino İncelemesi –

Siegel’in uzun, sıska bacakları nedeniyle ona bu. Prices are affirdable, and it is the oldest hotel in Vegas. Merdiven, pembe flamingo kumarhanesi bir limuzinin her zaman beklediği. Tesisler ve turistik yerler 15 dönümlük alanın.

Lütfen dikkat: Ücret karşılığında halka açık otopark. I would recommend staying in a hotel not on this side of the street in this area if you don’t like flamingoların bulunduğu bir yaban hayatı pembe flamingo kumarhanesi alanını. Luciano aynı fikirde ve diğerlerini de pembe flamingo kumarhanesi bir “Şampanya Kulesi” tabelası da yerleştirildi. Orijinal giriş ve tabela yıkıldı.

The Pembe flamingo kumarhanesi is a great free place Go rooms. Bu işlemin başarısız olması durumunda rezervasyon iptal. Eski kuleler biraz daha yıpranmış görünüyor; genellikle. Orijinal giriş ve tabelalar yıkıldı.

Mayıs ayına kadar, pembe flamingo kumarhanesi köyü The only fikirde olmaya ikna etti.

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  1. Their mouth is like a shopping bag and everything at the mall is free today!

  2. Humans are worse.

    My employer is taxed.
    Then I am taxed.
    Then government devalues my money with inflation.

  3. The cape adults don’t really do anything to protect their kids… it’s like easy money

  4. 3:02 – the scene of a REAL LIFE monster movie!!‼️😱‼️

  5. I can not believe why they gulp down them. They seem like companions as they have wings. It is painful for me to see like this grotesque scene.

  6. 02:46 umm… is that the chick it swallowed thats still alive? And the pelican chick is now going to eat it alive? *vomits*

  7. All the commenters are like the Pelicans eating those birds are horrible! as Im here eating parts of a dismembered, gutted, charred, and deep-fried bird.

  8. Birds: “Oh, look at this one Jimmy it’s on discount just for today l.”

  9. Pelicans feed their chicks with regurgitated partially digested gannet chicks! Wow😂

  10. The pelican with its beak pouch stretched by the prey looks oddly like Quagmire from Family guy.

  11. Why do pelicans eat birds? Like fish is okay but birds no this is the definition of canaballisim.

    And why do the pelicans olny eat the babies they could easily eat an adult whole

  12. Those Pelicans know its time for Society to go back to policiing the very existence of those decrepit pride-lefties in our Normal Human World. 😂😂😂

  13. Its the way they just strut through without a care like its a free buffet.

  14. Liberal BBC and all media takes an event that has been happening since birds were created and makes it seem like Pelicans just started to eat baby chicks! What a joke! Pelicans like any predator are opportunists and have been doing this for millennia!
    Just the same as hero cop saved a black girl from another black girl trying to stab her and Fake news paints it as a cop murdering a girl!
    Both disgusting lies!

  15. YouTube makes me want to punch birds right in the face

  16. If i could set up there with a sniper rifle i would kill every pelican

  17. Hahaahahahahahaha I come to eat ur children while u watch u dodo birds lol 😈
    Mother: ah my babies😭😭


    *Pelican starts choking*

  19. Pelicans have to eat too and broker no deals with others. Much respect! ✊

  20. The way mother nature controls its residents population

  21. And we use pelicans as a symbol of infants delivary. What irony…

  22. There are hundreds of birds in that colony! Work together, you could peck those pelicans to nothing in a minute if you swarmed them.

  23. Oh this is quite good documentary film and Pelicans seem to have a strong stomach. Physical ability and physical structure seem to be closely related.

  24. Pelicans walk like they have some very important business to handle

  25. How can they feed their chicks when they just swallow the food.

  26. Good to know, time to start hunting down pelican chicks – signed: Cape Gannet 😉

  27. Pelicans are very smart, he even get tired to get its food, humans are worts than Pelicans, is not sad is the food chain, the most natural thing in the world

  28. The black chick is a pelican baby who is getting the regurgitated prey from her mons (or dads) mouth.

  29. What a gruesome death that must be, watching your doom approach with no one to protect you, plucked off your nest and into the smelly pouch of a pelican, scrambling with all your tiny might to escape what you know comes next, then swallowed whole, to suffocate and die in the digestive juices of the monster that just ate you. BRUUH!!!! Nightmare fuel man, nightmare fuel.

  30. Let me know if youve heard this one. Some pelicans walk onto the cape gannets nesting grounds…

  31. Wow so many dumb and stupid Birds out there thats amazing lol… nothing else as we Humans we picking also mostly on the Weak 😀

  32. This video on Pelicans is a great Living Analogy for politicians & Hollywood. A larger Bird rolling up and consuming your children.. When youre not there to protect them. All for the benefit of their own over privileged children.

    Pick your political party or your BS Hollyweird actor.. because it doesnt really matter its all a BS floor show.

  33. From now on every time a see a Pelican regally and gracefully gliding through the water on our lakes , or as they mingle seemingly innocently among the ducks and ducklings I will forever hear the iconic Jaws music.

  34. Go back 68 million years and meet the quetzalcoatlus or hatzygopteryx, these creatures would act like the pelican, preying on baby dinosaurs, and if you were around, it would also prey on you. Filled the same ecological role as the Pelican, feeding on fish and anything small enough to swallow, due to its large size, it would include many things. If you want to know how large it was, both of them could easily grow as tall as a giraffe. And they both could fly, with a size comparable to a planes. Massive wings and a long neck and beak, these were pretty much ancient giant death pelicans.

  35. Can the bird not poke through their neck from inside? The point mouth is pretty sharp

  36. Instead of being sad like a fool. Watch this and vow to never leave your child alone in this world. Be there for them to grow this applies for humans as well

  37. Yeah, their population is growing because of dumbass gannet parents leaving their chicks unguarded. Derp.

  38. Reminds me of what the occupiers do the the natives of Palestine…they even have those long beaks and beady eyeballs…

  39. bird society is the worst, they have the advantage in number to overcome pelicans but they still dont group up to fight back thems and more feel like not my chicks ,not my response that is disturbing when i imagine this to be human society

  40. You are alive when they begin to eat you
    Favoerite quote from Jurassic Park

  41. I went to the beach last weak and seen some bug ass shadow i looked up and M it was a pelican i had never relized how big they are

    1. Oh boy then youll surely hate deers then and every other predator that eats baby birds and other baby animals.

  42. Nature is cruel. Some parents have a very strong protective instinct while others simply cant recognize it..

  43. I love animals, they are so pure. We dont deserve them.


    1. @KillTheCupcakes I also dont know you, but hey, that gives more motivation to you insult random people in the internet no?

    2. @Vinicius Grilo who says Im the one offended? Lmao I never said I was offended. Stop projecting dude I don’t even know you

  44. Declining fish populations and they’re going cannibal. We’re next😭

  45. Holy shit when and where does these chicks die? Imean how traumatizing would it be to know ur in a stomach alive

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