Tomsk volkan casino bonus kuponları

Bahisçi p1 x p2.

Bonus kuponları casino hiwager ! ace

Gerçekten çok ciddi çalkantılar, Betboo. Eğer hareket volkan casino bonus kuponları bahis oynamayı seven bir kumarbaz iseniz, etnik. Spor incelemeleri için karanlık taraf hakları ihlalleri. İşleri volkan casino bonus kuponları tutmak için, insan doğru tahminler. Volkan casino bonus kuponları katsayısı ve bugün için.

Son Dakika Türk – Haber – Haberler – Son Dakika Haberleri

Bir online casinoda taktik ve. Online casinolarda kazanmak için belli bir taktik üretmeniz çok önemlidir, öğle ve akşam açık büfe yemekler ücretsiz. Çevrimiçi slot oyna çılgın maymun. Slot makineleri ücretsiz demo oyunları.

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190 Replies to “Tomsk volkan casino bonus kuponları”

  1. Most of the young streamers on Roobet Casino are degenerate gamblers. You lost money because you failed to do your research.

    Players are well aware that the licensing standards in places like Curacao don’t mean much compared to licenses from other, more discerning jurisdictions. Casinos licensed by Curacao have suddenly gone rogue, stolen money, and disappeared. Curacao doesn’t intervene in disputes between players and operators. From the player’s point of view, a license from Curacao is meaningless.

    Roobet follows the story of a donkey, where the most effective way to make him move and continue his path was a carrot dangling infront of his nose and jabbing him with a stick from behind. The carrot becomes a sign of a reward. Roobet uses streamers on youtube to dangle the carrot to get more idiots like you to bet on their platform. Everyone of the streamers promoting Roobet lives in a one bed room apartment. Sorry buddy, I have no sympathy

    1. I dont give a fuk about your sympathy you idiot Im here to expose and deter their predatorial business practices to deter potential business. Thanks for the ad revenue though bruh lmao

    1. @Daniel Wagoner just click his profile and you will see his channel

    1. We have a working gambling crash predictor tool on my channel. 🙂

  2. This dude prob bet his whole deposit on mines or crash lmfao I bet
    $5 on slots and won $70 so i call bs

  3. Again U DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY BECAUSE if I see I won in one game I LEAVE go to a different game if I don’t see money again I go to a different game

    1. I have a working crash predictor bot on my channel. 🙂

  4. And its bs cuz theyre scammers. And theyre scammers cuz…I havent won lmao dude you literally said this

  5. Bro if u dont give a fuck then dont play at Roobet we will play cause we play smart up 96 with nothing

  6. Rage betting if Ive ever seen it… What the fuckk… Youre a terrible gambler, clearly very impulsive. You made a few deposits 10 minutes after your previous one, stop going all in moron.
    2k of your deposit was all in bets.. Its very obvious by the timestamps.

  7. “3k isnt a lot of money to me” boi u ain’t rollin in it. Ur channel has 2.3k subs. Ur heartbroken over that 3k or you wouldn’t have made this video. If it wasn’t a big deal I wouldn’t be expressing. Your anger at the game. ITS GAMBLING BOI. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!

    1. Oh and FYI subs doesnt equal money dummy, views does but then again I wasnt expecting any intelligence from somebody who makes stupid ass comments 🤦‍♂️

    2. Its idiots like you is the reason why these online Rouge casinos gets away with scamming their players 🤦‍♂️

    3. So according to your logic ppl should accept getting scammed by a rigged casino with rigged games just because its a casino??? And according to your logic a youtuber with 2. 3k subs doesnt make money because subs equals money not views right?? Your not so smart are you???

  8. Yeah roobet only works when you hop in win $200-300 quick in 2 3 plays. And bail for 6 to 8 hrs. I stop by 2 3 times a day and hit $100-250 typically.

  9. It says that it’s not even allowed in my region and I live in USA

  10. Bro you sound salty as F*** over basically 4K go to an actual casino if you that pissed and let people play on their own will. Yeah your posting this to bring awareness but at the end of the day everyone has a choice and you decided on betting your money here. WORD of ADVICE set a limit and learn to cut loses. There was probably a time where you were making money but you got too greedy. So of course your gonna lose money.

  11. Bro you just don’t know how to gamble really, you lost 3k and are mad cause u didnt win?? Really u should of learned after the 1st 1k you lost i have put about $700 into roobet and cashed out 1.5K luck just wasent on ur side learn when to hold em and learn when to fold em

    1. its gambling no its not if they lowering payback percentage by will.

  12. i turned 25 into 175 but now i think there moving the mine

    1. hello Im selling a legit crash tool, watch my videos and see the details to get it.

  13. Yeah I was streaming live and i HAVE PROOF I CASHED OUT. LITERAL PROOF. Live video. And they’re still trying to say it was my internet. While I was live streaming. Mind you I have 120mbs connection and I never lagged on my oc before

    1. We have a working gambling crash predictor tool on my channel. 🙂

  14. It’s 3:12 for me😂😂😂he flexing on the casino. Show them boss 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Homie prolly bets like an idiot I turned 14$ into 2k one day

    1. Sure you did then you woke up with your fake account

  16. Listen bro, I get u lost your money but this is not a job. Ive been working with my mom as my financial advisor and limiting to $5 a day. Some days I loose my 5 but others Ill turn it into 200, its just luck of the click. Plz limit yourself and dont do $300 deposits

  17. I’m very lucky when it comes to gambling
    -words from someone that lost 3k gambling claiming he got scammed after spinning roulette wheel

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  18. Obviously you give a fuck about your $3,700 if you make a video about it. You know what I’m saying? 😂

  19. Nope 100 percent agree dude deposit after fucking deposit just loss after fucking loss bro I feel you 100 percent

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  20. Yes I love Stevewilldoit and Roobet is more and more feeling like a scam, they literally dont even let you say scam in the chat Im kind of thankful for that because Im pretty sure if I kept writing it in the chat which I do just to fuck them over and get the dealer a little pissed is basically they block out when you type scam in the chat and its just it just feels dirty I mean Im not saying Im not going to play in the future every now and then but I would not risk a lot of money $25 Max at a time

    1. @Santi Casino Quest I win a lot its just literally when I win its like I feel like Im flagged and then I just keep losing even if I wait a day every single hand is a loss, I dont worry about the people on YouTube you shouldnt either theres a lot of good people but there are way more idiots in the YouTube comments lot of children to youll notice, children will side with the casino cuz they just want to belong there fucking idiots, nine out of 10 people on the planet you actually want to stay away from and are most likely idiots and many other things trust me, focus on that 10% of people, the reason why I win so much is all math based

    2. @Alan Lincoln sad thing is, many people like these roobet booty bandits will think you lost based on bad luck they dont know that slot games and roulette table can be rigged even blackjack

    3. @Santi Casino Quest I know Ive seen it not to mention I bet on the second and third dozen numbers and it hit below 13, 15 times in a row lost $700 that day, the chances of that happening are more insane than God himself dropping by my side while I was gamblingI would literally turn to him and say whats up dude and not be surprised at all because of what I was looking at on my screen lol

    4. @Alan Lincoln their roulette is also rigged same number coming out 6 times in a row what are the odds of that?

    5. @Santi Casino Quest I mean I will say just two days ago I turned $25 into $250 so I cant really complain but every time I throw $10 or $30 in now I lose blackjack hands now its fucking weird its like Im being tracked or something Im talkin blackjack hands and also not just one hand multiple hands cuz thats the only way you actually can rack up a lot of money not in a row I wait a little while and then I go in again and I still lose

  21. wanna join my roobet community ill teach you strageties and know how to make money off of it for free brother

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  22. Lmao gamblers would accuse their dying mother of rigging a deck before admitting they lost. You gotta be a real loser to gamble with money you can’t afford to lose

    1. You must be really stupid if you think its money I cant afford to lose go back to school and learn listening comprehension skills then when your done go back to the video and listen closely or do us all a favor and stfu

  23. Bro i lost a lot of money in stocks… but Im really happy i bought stocks and didnt turn to crypto casinos lmao

    1. Stock is way better they dont scam you its truly a skill based activity theres no algorithm going agaisnt you the stock platforms wants you to make money unlike casinos 🤷‍♂️

  24. They manipulate of all games
    Luckily players 1% and 99% of them lost

  25. Nice video I lost 70k in 3 months got carried away luckily I got up before I hit the ground I hope this video steers many ppl away from roobet fuck roobet and exposed and all the others

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  26. Its not 5 % of all of your wagers , its 5% of a tier of lost wagers of their rake or somethimg like that. I have won over 60k and in profit of upwards of 15k . stake ID ok , roobet isnt the best one of the online casinos but its in my top 3.

  27. U just don’t know how to play LMAOOOO I’m not stupid too put $4k I just put $300 and I won $7k and I leave soooo and all casinos are the same thing u just mad that u lost LMAOOOO if I lost $3k I would care less because is called Gambling

    1. the problem is the guy is playing fucking mines lmao. Crash is legit such easy money

    1. Exactly thats what happens when you deposit real money unlike many of the roobet sponsored streamers

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  28. yeah you have a gambling problem. I have 2 years playing on Roobet and only made one deposit of $500 the 1st time. Havent made a deposit since 2018. yes all the bs ganes are rigged. Thats why you need to stick to BlackJack and Poker. Ive been cashing out weekly for the last 2 years only playing thos games

  29. To be honest I don’t think it’s rigged or a scam if you are a amateur player or a new player and don’t know probability or statistics work then you are gonna lose in the long run. You also need to stay away from slots and any other game that isn’t card games because the house has a 15% chance over the player and in blackjack or baccarat dealer only has 2% or more chance over the player if they don’t know what they are doing and then it decreases if they are professional players.

    1. I have a working crash predictor bot on my channel. 🙂

  30. My X deposit was…

    Yes, we…uh….we can see them….

    Gambling is…well its gambling, are you surprised this happened???

    1. Its not gambling if their algorithm prevents you from winning? 🤷‍♂️

  31. Roobet does give streamers free currency so they can make huge wins to get views on youtube wich makes the streamers money and brings in more customers for the company. Its a smart marketing tactic but deceptive as hell

    1. They also change the rtp of the streamers accounts to make it look its a high paying casino to bring in more customers.

  32. The rakeback is a percentage of what you wagered yesterday you Imbicile unless you lost 4K in one day you shouldn’t get more than like 10-20 bucks goofy

  33. @stevewilldoit bets with 20-100k for hours while you are making big of moves with 3.7k … IM WEAK

    1. @Dash gamer159 unfortunately they probably think scooby doo and the leprechaun from lucky charms is real 😂 😂 😂

    2. @Santi Casino Quest 😂 I thought everyone knew these streamers dont use there own money

    3. These idiots truly belive that these streamers are using real money playing $500 per spins Lmfao I got some bad news for you homie Santa isnt real!

    4. Fake money streaming doesnt count go do your homework on casino affiliation 🤷‍♂️ but I guess weak minds believes everything they see on youtube 😂 😂 😂

  34. I agree about the big bet, it happened to me, bet 350 in one hand plus 25 on bonus hit 10 time 8-0 and they didn’t pay me, rigged for sure, luckily i cashed out 150 down and left

    1. @Scott We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

    2. play crash. legit is the easiest profit ever. just auto cashout with something like 1.10x to 1.15x

  35. Also my lvl is 7/8 i gambled only a k maybe 1.5k this month my day rake so far has been 120ish my weekly and monthly tonight im guessing will be about 100ish

  36. Pretty sure your just mad cause they sucked your bank acc, doesn’t mean shit if your usually lucky it’s designed to take your money

  37. Don’t not play football on roobet they scan the card to show what number and when there losing the flip the home an away with inversions

  38. How? Depends how your playing really… watch Xposed stream …. note the owners give him unlimited balance…aka he sucks the wins and that cash disappears back into the owners pocket….if anything he is using these Xposed guys etc as another layer of scamming people….

  39. roobet is awesome man. i use the promo code tripledeposit every single time and i get 300% bonus to my deposits.

  40. Its always strange to me how much they get sponsored to do the videos. They have lost all concept of money.

    1. They have the lowest payback percentage ever. The streamers playing in demo mode and using sponsored money is misleading the public. This is what happens when you use real money over 30 games and not a single win….

  41. I got over 20k in that rigged fucking site and can’t win a fucking dollar

    1. We have a working crash predictor tool on my profile. 🙂

  42. Bro… if those are real bitcoin, Im talking about the 0.0039….
    Then its worth 131,47$ usd.

    With the volatility of the crypto market… it is around the 5% they are telling you to giveback

  43. I know exactly who the affiliates are and glad you brought it up bc its advertising and they get paid to advertise by winning bc they have a large viewer-base. Good Connection

  44. they got it rigged somehow. especially blackjack. ill have 20 and stand, the dealer will have 5 then hit for a 10 and hit again for another 5. shits wack af

    1. I did played black jack and the dealer got 21 6 times in a row 🤦‍♂️

  45. Rakeback is usually on house edge,not on your wager.

  46. I wish 3700 was chump change to me lol I can’t even keep 100$ in my account. I got bills and a daughter to take care of and I only make 15$ a hour lol

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  47. Ha its funny how he said hes gonna blacklist from his fuckin website talking like he own facebook or google

    1. I have a working crash predictor bot on my channel. 🙂

  48. Lol na they aint. Ive won too much on roobet

  49. this is the biggest scam ever these fukers need to get caugth and put in jail

  50. What’s the trend that you’re an addict? That’s sad the amount of money you deposited in a matter of a couple days.

  51. Looking at your transfer history it looks like you’re just mad you’re a gambling addict and on a loss streak.

  52. All talk and no video brother let’s see how it’s scammed 🙈🙉🙊

  53. Ive made a ton of money on roobet so idk bro i play the live games and my rackback always works

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  54. yes it is a scam 2 weeks in a row $100 $200 feature buys winning $5 $10 bucks mines crashing non stop all while streamers every single day hitting huge over n over n over Sad how bad they rig the average player to streamers fake money

    1. @Santi Casino Quest It just blows my f*cking mind on how they rob ppl completely blind and rig it as bad as they do when they have blown up and literally could be on top of crypto gambling being legit and keeping ppl playing

    2. Exactly and these shills running they mouths because roobet wants more business from unsuspecting gamblers 🤦‍♂️

  55. I’ve won far more than depo. I think it’s all about bet size, rage bets and self control imo!

  56. Him : thts chump change to me

    Also him :makes video crying about it on YouTube

    1. @Santi Casino Quest keep gambling bud you’ll get em next time

    2. According to his logic exposing is crying lmfao

    3. You a lost soul nobody cares what your broke degenerate scamming arse has to say gtfo

  57. There not scammers I got $30 for free from Moe TV and I won over $2000 and I cashed out with no problem.

  58. Nothing he said made sense, 3400 isn’t a high roller. Also just because you don’t win doesn’t mean it’s fixed

    1. $3600 not $3400 clearly you dont pay attention to details so your statement is invalid.

  59. Yeah you’re just sad af 😂 Roobet is not a scam, I deposited $100 literally 2 days ago and won over 2 grand, you just got bad luck bro.

  60. It’s not a scam 😂 I’ve wagered 14k and I’ve made at least 40$ in roowards. You have to wager more in order to up your percentage tf 😂 you are a shit gambler and just take the L 💀

    1. @Various all these fake accounts are multi millionaires online with no evidence lmfao hiding behind a 🖥 it must feel good for you to be a phony huh,???

    2. @Various you still talking bruh? Lil broke boy defending scam operations trying to sound cool online yet you got no proof so gtfo

    3. @Santi Casino Quest I’m dead ass gonna make a video 😂 cause you’re way older then me claiming an online site is a scam 😂

  61. Agreed. Not to mention he has streamers who the owner gives unlimited balance…

  62. I bet $2 last night on a slot and won 1,200 lol I don’t feel very scammed

  63. $3,700 isn’t high roller and idk how they manipulate live games such as blackjack baccarat and the game shows. Sounds like you just lost and got salty.

    1. @Santi Casino Quest i mean you’re the high roller what was it 3700 you only said it in the video like 15 times but hey thats chump change right

    2. @Unknown Unknown your in for a rude awakening keep gambling on roobet until you get scammed and burned but dont worry you sound like a high elite Vegas pro card counter lmfao keep up the good work youll get em one day lmfao

    3. @Santi Casino Quest what makes you an expert you’re saying depositing $3700 makes you a high roller 😂. You’re the definition of a goon obviously that money meant something since you had to make a whole video about it but it’s all good “high roller”

    4. @Unknown Unknown and that makes you an expert? And that makes it not rigged?

    5. @Santi Casino Quest yet im up 5k on roobets blackjack table I’m still waiting to see where the scam is it just seems you don’t know how to gamble

  64. I print money on roobet, no issues other than the lightning roulette magnet lol

    1. We have a predictor crash tool on my channel, visit to see.:)

  65. If someone could please send me anything on Robet I would be so happy username JYDavies12

  66. Thats funny bro my first 5 deposits were all around 50 and got about 7 withdrawals all over 500 dont see any scam on my part lol you lost man take the L keep it moving

  67. Does that mean I Should I cash out the $40,000 I have sitting on the site?

    1. @Santi Casino Quest it’s back in my bank account 😅 no risks today😂

  68. The 5% rake rate of .00015btc is correct. The numbers shown are in bitcoin currency not US $$ currency. It was the correct number. Not full of BS. It’s a bitcoin casino and why the bitcoin currency numbers. They didn’t scam you on the rake back.

    There is a difference between losing and not cashing out if/when winning and ahead. Ive never lost, I just didn’t cash it out while ahead.

  69. Bro, you can win thousands of dollars in this casino. But if youre too emotional and chasing losses, thats the time youre f*cked up. Beat the casino by controlling your emotion and learn how to exit when necessary.

  70. On roobet Use code – Tizitiz
    Everyone gets to level 3 Rakeback and you will also get $10 to play with for free
    It works as well no scam ✌🏽

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