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Netflixteki En İyi 10 James Bond Filmi »

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121 Replies to “Cazino Minsk, Beyaz gta casino royale ajan 007 kodları Nasıl Oynanır?”

  1. uummm… if they are dead how could they vote to dislike? # Logic

  2. Guys this is awesome! But check out the James Bond Theme from the GoldenEye trailer!!! Its by Parodi-Fair.
    I think its slightly better than this version.
    This ones awesome too but GoldenEyes has a more modern edge where this one is more traditional.

  3. 1:15 sounds as if the dance has turned into a sprint for life.

  4. 0:00 Esse início é fantástico, não se faz músicas assim.

  5. @Tahu5Fan I dont think they sing anything, its just Oohs and Aahs on the james bond melody 😛

  6. @JimmyBond00912 It may be Latin, or faux-Latin, which is pretty easy to come up with. In this one, Id say its just phonetic chanting, because you cant really make out distinct words, even something which sounds Latin…

    Definitely take Tahu5fans advice, and check out Trailerhead though! 🙂 Its pretty great, as is the rest of Immediate Musics creations.

  7. ahh, whenever I hear this I remind myself that this came before the Goldeneye wii E3 trailer. Cause damn is this what I want to hear in an action movie theme.

  8. Yes MindFreak, i was waiting on to see it lol. I cant wait!!!
    Are you ready?? (pun intended) 🙂

  9. Theyre implying that after they disliked the vid, he went and killed them.

  10. this Theme Is truely epic in scale And scope from the traditional bond theme too The addition of the choral notes Such A Kick Ass Theme !!

  11. The best Bond Soundtrack ♡♡♡♡1:19-1:34 fuck!!!!!!!! Awesom. I whish i can understand what the Chor is singing:)

    1. Тhis moоvie is now аааvаilаblе to watсh herеeее => Cаsino Roооoyale ТTТrаailеr Мusiс

  12. @Tahu5Fan Wich name did you fill in? (Just Casino Royal – Pfeifer Bronz. Music?)

  13. @JimmyBond00912 I always assume its Latin when you cant understand the chorus. If you listen to the album Trailerhead by Immediate youll know what I mean.

    Does anybody know where I can purchase this version please? Much appreciated!
    And thanks again for posting!!! 🙂
    BOND IS BACK!!!!!

  15. Listening to this music makes me want to watch Skyfall even more!!!!!!!! HURRY UP!!!

  16. nobody know the artist to this version of the theme do they?

  17. Just try extracting it directly from youtube itself and then converting it into mp3 format.

    If you want I could pm you the site. Theres a more risky way of downloading a program that does the work for you but thats up to you.

  18. David Arnold. I think its on the Casino Royale soundtrack.

  19. Woah, this song is beyond belief……best instrumental Ive ever heard.

  20. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!! Been trying to find this trailer theme and after one (1) bloody year I finally found it. I could almost cry!!! Thanks so much for uploading it Tahu5Fan. Youre the greatest!!!!!!!!!! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! 😀 😀 😀

  21. Your file shows no kills, but to become a double O it takes…


    Dislike Bar are those two kills

  22. Ive got that version. Its pretty cool with a hard-edged guitar. But I lean towards this one because of the chorus.

  23. Ranked as favorites:
    24. Live and Let Die
    23. For Your Eyes Only
    22. A View to a Kill
    21. License to Kill
    20. The Spy Who Loved Me
    19. Diamonds Are Forever
    18. The Man with the Golden Gun
    17. Quantum of Solace
    16. From Russia with Love
    15. Moonraker
    14. Die Another Day
    13. Dr. No
    12. Thunderball
    11. Tomorrow Never Dies
    10. Spectre
    9. You Only Live Twice
    8. The World is Not Enough
    7. Octopussy
    6. The Living Daylights
    5. Skyfall
    4. Casino Royale
    3. On Her Majestys Secret Service
    2. Goldfinger
    1. Goldeneye

  24. wow! Justin Beiber AND Hannah Montana BOTH have youtube accounts!?

  25. This song is ep… I mean… oh who am I kidding this is epic

  26. I would love to orchestrate this in a huge auditorium. Must sound amazing.

  27. Casino Royale is probably the best Bond movie ever (not sure about Skyfall tho) and this is definetely the best soundtrack. Love Daniel Craigs interpretation of Bond.

  28. Casino Royal to Usa bk, yr ones, xcept maybe the grouping ones to a person…?

    1. Saudi Arabia had in return in same luxury yr money for same time holidays, if u left, do yr business with them

    1. Sorry for the interruption to whoever is reading this and its urgent.
      One day millions of people will vanish, the rapture is near! Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior! And Live a Faithful Holy Life! He doesn’t want anyone to be left behind! time is short!

  29. Thank you so much I was looking for this track! It is difficut to find it

  30. I dont really remember, but try typing the title, you might get something.

  31. This has to be the most badass and sexiest theme music ever. It makes me want to go out and save the world, and look cool as fuck whilst doing it. Pure class.

  32. @gayN3rd oh…for a moment i thought that JB was the abbreviation for justin Bieber …phheww!!
    sorry for the Hate!

  33. @L00K3R4 Try typing the title of this vid. You might get something.

  34. 2 Dislikes? Theyre probably from the 2 men Bond kills in the beginning of Casino Royale…

  35. @JimmyBond00912 lmao! it sounds like theyre saying nu mo ru may ri ri aah laah laah rah reh rah =P

  36. I play this before I go up to a girl… Get a number everytime

    1. Nick64266 yeah .. you get a number everytime you go with that creepy ass internal Bond….the inmate number in a jail when she calls the cop on you.

  37. 0 dislikes? I guess Bond killed them before they had the chance.

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  39. Damn shame I cant find this particular theme on spotify haha. Its really great.

    1. He was a Bond ahead of his time. Imagine being an audience member in 1989, going in to see Licence to Kill and the only time you’ve seen Bond was with the Roger Moore films. You’d be shocked to say the least.

  40. Man:who the hell are you

    james bond: the names bond…James Bond

    1. derick konan And I’m Dick Tracy and you’re still under arest.

  41. I wish this played every time someone did something epic. it would make the world more awesome.

  42. i blasted this song thru my car speakers, after this song ended, i caught myself goin 150mph on the freeway

  43. Such a sweet soundtrack. Reminds me of how jacked I was in 2006 for this to come out. Almost as jacked as I am now waiting for Skyfall!

  44. I agree this one is awesome. Also check out James Bond Theme Royal Marines Band

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