Dizi müzikleriyle Maxbet casino girişi casino casino oyunları!

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Bets10 giriş | iShutter Photography

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67 Replies to “Dizi müzikleriyle Maxbet casino girişi casino casino oyunları!”

  1. You cemented your place in my hero kingdom JBro. Amazeballs!

  2. Looks legit, unless he is an awesome fucking actor, nice win.

  3. i like how a random word or sentence in swedish comes out when a big win like this is happening, its very funny. congrats on this amazing win, pu to the ba-blem !! a lovely cashout. next video, a jackpot win ? 😀

    1. Before the first book arrived i lost my hearing 😂😂😂

  4. Sory i dont speck englesh, this video is 100% fake now Real now Play money not is Real thank

    1. haha, yeah, we got many this is fake! comments on this video. This was from a guy donating €600 who specifically asked us to do €50 spins on book with this, and we got lucky. I get it looks fake but it really isnt :DD

  5. i would say 1500 for the donator and then split for u guys 🙂

    1. I think he wanted us to keep it, dont remember. We did offer 😀

  6. Look what i wrote in chat right before the bonus hit. -christian_saus

  7. Fucking crazy, hope you gave the guy who spotted you the cash his money back and more

  8. I watched this clip 4 years ago. I just watched it again because it was epic. Happy Anniversary !

  9. well that was some next level of some insane fcking luck!

  10. He gave you 600 euro and you won 9000 did you give him something back ?

    1. Well if someone donates 600 euro just to a random streamer to do 50€ spins, I’m sure he doesn’t need that money he won.

    2. i can accept it on his behalf hahahaha…….
      really i can im broke 😛

    1. @Angry Bird you talking bullshit, jesus only play on 1,20-180 bet if he plays with his own money. With the Money from ante masse and ebro he plays on 5 euro bets

  11. Who keeps the winning from that because if casino daddy only gave him 10% like usual that would a be a massive rip off.

    1. dave edwards the donation was on greycheddars volition

  12. can you donate some of that money to me so i can visit my ear doctor

    1. O moj Boze baci ciglu i budi pricizan na ovog drekavca.. Covjek je dobio 100 hiljada eura, nije se cuo ni glas od njega..

  13. Most iv won on they poxy slots is 80 pounds unreal sum peoples luck

    1. Well we do play a LOT + it was a €50 bet. Just insanely lucky really.

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