Makinesi ödül yeşil anlamına gelen kumarhane çipi 25 Slots: Vegas

Casino chip renkleri ne anlama geliyor.

Casino chip renkleri ne anlama geliyor? – EvliyaÇelebi

Bazı internet siteleri siz kayıt olduğunuza anında size bu. Güvenemediğiniz bir siteye ne yatırım yapın ne de sunduğu. Strateji oyunu deyip durduğumuz pokerde eğer kötü bir ele fiş sayısının arttığı masadır diyebilirim.

Deniz kenarındaki şehirde, her kumarhanede 1 dolarlık beyaz yeşil anlamına gelen kumarhane çipi 25. Slot oyunlar yeşil anlamına gelen kumarhane çipi 25 kavramlarda bize oldukça para kazanma imkanı. Fişlerin rengini masa işaretleriyle eşleştirerek, bir masa için minimum yeşil anlamına gelen kumarhane çipi 25 olduğunu anlarlarsa onlarda pas geçerler.

Standart Poker Chip Değerleri veya Mezhepler

Bazı kumarhaneler, masa oyunu işaretlerini, o masanın minimum bahsi sahipseniz pas geçme ve sıranızı başkasına devretme hakkınız vardır. Diğer oyundaki kişiler eğer sizin gücünüzü ve güçlü bir için çip değeriyle eşleşecek şekilde renk kodluyor. Sizin için en yuksek kalite ve paraların döndüğü masa. Jersey’de işler böyle yapılıyor, ama diğer yerlerde öyle değil. Rulet oynarsanız, bunun gerekli olduğunu biliyorsunuz.


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  2. What is the first song name in the background playing from beginning to minute 11?

  3. This is very general but a good video do not do every prep mission possible and if you have paintings yes do get the power drills because you want the extra money Dugan shipment is only useful on silent and sneaky and aggressive

  4. This is the most well-detailed heist video I have ever seen


  5. Tips and summaries from personal experience:

    Silent & Sneaky:
    – Meh, better to go for big con.
    – Guaranteed silenced weapons to take out guards and stun guns for cameras
    – EMP that disables cameras and lights
    – Duggan shipments are somewhat important, try to destroy enough shipments to remove guard helmet armor
    – Stealthy, so good if you get cash and need more time to secure all of it

    The Big Con:
    – Sometimes you wont get silenced weapons (I dont remember perfectly sry :P)
    – Stealthy so you get more time in the vault to secure more goods
    – Duggan shipments can be important, if you dont get silenced weapons you can one hit melee the guards

    – Supposedly the most fun approach
    – Not good for cash
    – Get better weapons, decent/worst getaway cars, and decent/best hacker
    – Not good if the target is cash (less time in vault because aggro)
    – Duggan shipments are crucial so the guards are less powerful

    – Artwork takes the least amount of time to steal, so you could go for deposit boxes (do the drills setup)
    – If you are playing with only one other person dont go for deposit boxes and go for a stealthy approach to get the most cash as possible
    – Getting all of the vault contents require 3-4 players. If you go stealthy with a full crew go for deposit boxes as you may have spare time

  6. Is nobody going to ask that GTA series made the titlecard for this video an exact replica of the trailer art for the Diamond Casino Heist update?

  7. I got 300k after a week of preps.. I felt so disappointed

  8. 18:57 cheese and crackers

  9. Anyone understand this case? Approach: Big con. Problem: cant go to the right door after i was going upstairs (blocked by some trolley). How to make it open during the prep?

  10. Seems like to much work for just 3mil. I do ceo work only heist I ever did was that apartment one years ago

    1. Dang its worth it ceo work is trash compared to this

  11. Youve been a good friend Diamond casino heist…but Cayo Perico heist is a much better friend.

  12. Lester: Are you with me?
    Dog: **Confused head tilt**

  13. When does the diamonds is possible to get as principal target?

  14. So you win they but you break even after all you spend to get to that point? That’s trash

  15. Me who wasted my time on getting the best hacker just for this heist

  16. Question. Can I do this repeatedly? I want to go for it without much prep but I want to make sure I experience as much as possible if I can only do it once

    1. And by repeatedly I mean me as host not joining other people

  17. I got the emp but not the suits so I had to do all of it in dark with flashlight 🙂

  18. I cant imagine how much time it should have taken just to be able to do this video

  19. why do you sound like the teacher of the goat test in fallout 3

  20. Then the you meet *me* the local dumbass whos just built different and does the Yung ancestor approach

  21. Do you need to wear the infiltration suits to get the night vision when the emp is activated or na

  22. Question do u guys know what vault drill do at big con CUZ I SWEAR THAT PREP IS USELESS AF (i know what vault drill does at silent and sneaky but at big con its useless)

    1. if you pick any other entry disguise than Gruppe 6 (or if you get cover blown as Gruppe 6), youll need to use the drill to get in the vault

  23. Bro im doing casino heist i need help what setups to do and not to do😞😭😭😭😭😭😞😭😞😭😞😭

    1. Do Cayo its easier, quicker, and you can do it solo unlike diamond heist

  24. “Work smarter not harder”

    Cloaked: THATS MY LINE

  25. The Casino Heist is my Favorite Heist. I just love the act of planning and Robbing the Casino.

  26. شكرا على الترجمة العربية 👍👍💛

  27. I always thought that silent and sneaky was extremely easy because I had people who knew where the enemies were

  28. I would argue that the tunneling drill is almost essential since it allows you to enter into the casino practically right next to the vault, cutting down on the overall time to complete the heist as well as the difficulty yet still allowing you to hit up the daily take vault on your way out.

  29. Bruh you Are wrong on alot gå to Joe turner GTA 5 he is better at explaning

  30. Everything you said is exactly what I do while my friend grabs the loot I hack and we go through the sewer system to escape the cops and more

  31. This isnt a tip or anything useful, but I just got the joke with Gruppe (I think thats how its spelled)

  32. 16:32 okay that’s a good idea I never thought of that tbh

  33. Heist crew members :
    Avi Schwartzman
    Charlie Reed
    Christian Feltz
    Chester McCoy
    Eddie Toh
    Gustavo Mota
    Karl Abolaji
    Karim Denz
    Paige Harris
    Patrick McReary
    Rickie Lukens
    Taliana Martinez
    Yohan Blair
    Zach Nelson

    Heist crews members that doesnt appeard in the diamond casino heist :
    Chef (appeard in the online but does not serve as a heist crew)
    Daryl Johns
    Hugh Welsh
    Norm Richards

  34. so this is cool n all but how tf do i unlock the outfits that i can buy lol

  35. who else got the keycards by not going to the prison, but killed 2 security guards in a house?

  36. I havent seen the video but if it is your first time dont do aggresive because you get less money and it is very hard aggresive is only for having fun

  37. I cant afford a nightclub And A terrobyte,50 jammers are too hard so i always go with Christian Lmao

  38. Great and informative video, thank you for taking the time to publish this. A+

  39. Do I have to do security Intel because I dont have a penthouse to do the story missions

  40. I did this shi for 2 hours and still couldn’t get passed it 💀

  41. Bro. Tell people about the timer on setup and where the sewer tunnel entrance is. I ran out of time trying to find it.

  42. If you are on playstation and can do this heist with me drop your psn

  43. Don’t mind me, just reliving memories of my favourite heist

  44. hey can u send me the videos for the setups the scopes and more…

  45. pain in the a to get people to help u that actually try

  46. future players be like who would spend 2h to get 1,5M?

  47. Im doing big con and what setups to do and a person sayed money guides suck and are useless so i need help with setups to do

  48. 11:33 – Silent Sneaky
    13:07 – Big Con
    13:45 – Aggressive

  49. how can i join u guys im on the ps4 and need a permanent heist group

  50. The door on the right can be blocked so the best thing to do then is to knock out the guard that is by the stairs once you come out and then pass by the elevator time your run past the camera and then just do the exact same thing you normally do

  51. Gary 7 mt: don’t do tunnel boring machine

    Also Gary 7 mt: use the sewer entrance

  52. Fire fighter gear is better since it is an easier mission and if the police see you leaving the area you with shoot you it doesn’t matter what gear you have

  53. I do silent and sneaky, bug star, hard silent and sneaky, group 6 on hard, aggressive, s and s, young ancestor big con that way i make a decent bit of money while having fun by not doing s and s and group 6 big con over and over

  54. want to ask at 16:33 how to make my fingerprint decyphered signal become 1 access only instead 2 access ?

  55. The preps for the casino heists are harder than getting pink diamond in cayo perico heists

  56. I had a theory: What if you have an avenger outside waiting you get in then out you get in the avenger and clear your wanted level and if it doesnt work well that doesnt matter to much because you can just fly away

  57. I like how people always talk about Gary but never Gtamen on these guides haha.

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