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111 Replies to “Çevrimiçi ücretsiz ücretsiz poker slot makinesi emülatörü Ukrayna senaryosunu”

  1. does anyone recommend an actual plugin that can sound close to this? I know its likely to never be %100 the same, but for a plugin – is there anything that comes close?

    1. Slate Digital VTM is basically a Studer A827 and A80 with two different tapes, 3 levels of Bias and 15ips and 30ips.

      The frequency response is flatter than the J37 (older Studer machine with tape formulas that have more imperfections vs the VTM).

    2. I use Wavess J37, Slate Digitals VTM, Satin is more flexible. Softube is also very good, the best ones are the UAD ones but the price isnt justified for the sound quality, these ones are already very good.

  2. wytse you sweet little glasses worm……i will play soccer with you!

  3. Im pretty old, so maybe my ears are shot, but Im disappointed that I cant hear the difference. Is it mostly at the top end?
    Im listening on good headphones with a Mac laptop.
    I do sometimes hear the track getting slightly quieter when its bypassed.

    Tips on what I should be listening for?

  4. Wat is dat mooi zeg! Dat scheelt echt meer dan een slok op een borrel.

  5. Makes the midrange feel very forward. I like it! Worked really well on the second and third example.

  6. you are proof abortion should be legal and in some cases promoted.


  8. Can you get a mix sound you like as much as the Sony but via plugins? If so please share!

  9. So this means I can send you my mixes and you can run it through the 24 Behemoth, cause it is way better than any fukin plugin?

  10. Sounds great. It would be interesting to hear a comparison between the tapemachine and a few tastefully setup DSP plugins instead of just tape versus untreated uncompressed signal.

  11. You b*st*rd…. fooled me! BUT, that thing sounds amazing! You got a subscription…

  12. Reel TO Reel sounds amazing I think, VST always sound quite gritty and bright, But Reel to Reel sounds smooth, Full. Been looking to get one but only something a lot smaller. Trouble with them unless youre good with electronics, Keeping them serviced is hard… Like the Fostex R8 if I could get it at the correct money I would take one.

  13. Keep the bypass button on that best tape plugin, and +1db on guitars.

  14. All new meaning to word music, the future pop song sounded best

  15. Witse, youll never read this (probably), but Id be very interested to know how you rate something like the Neve 542 tape emulator. This sounds lovely, but I dont even want to know how much it cost you even ignoring the size and the headache of having to use something that complicated to use and maintain, so if something small, simple to use and analogue as a tradeoff seems preferable if it performs in the same sort of ballpark.

  16. I was actually found tapes that fit in that machine in some junkyard, I always wondered what was on them but idk if I can justify the cost lmao
    Also I am poor

  17. The thing sounds good but a machine like that is a nightmare to maintain ! Somebodys got deep pockets and Big bucks in Corona World ! Yeah, didnt like the click bait title because 90% of the video viewers will never have a machine like this !!! You showing off ….smh

  18. Oei precies wat boze reacties hier… Ik blijf echter achter u staan. Prachtig materiaal heeft u bij u staan. Proficiat.

  19. Given that there’s a time delay between the record/sync and repro heads I assume you’ve mocked up the video by editing the tape/bypass AB after the fact? It also seemed on some tracks it was just 2 stereo stems?

    The relay is a great idea but you’d still need to receive back and forth and compensate for the time delay caused by the tape round trip. It might be worth explaining that because this is far more work than using a plug-in.

  20. DUDE! Im used to clickbait titles- it is YouTube after all- but no gain compensation?! Ive been watching this channel for a while now and for someone who gets so excited about gain compensation why the fuck dont you have it on your own videos. This is some Waves shit right here.

  21. Me:Im looking for a moog synth plugin…
    White sea audio: buy moog and plug it in

    1. too expensive Can u find crack version lol?

  22. Sounds awesome, really. I will try to imitate the sound in some way because i dont have one in my home studio and im also broke😶

  23. I got to record an entire album through tape a few years ago at Soundcity Studios, every track hit it. They had multiple and I can’t remember if we used the Ampex or the Studer, but I do remember the sound of it. The only tape plugin I’ve used that reminded me of that sound is the IK Multimedia one. It’s an absolute CPU hog and not suitable for tracking but it feels like tape. I’m sure side by side the difference would be obvious, but it remains the only one that gives me the same vibe (even though I do like a couple other tape sims just for their color, even if not authentic)

  24. The ITB/bypass signal sounds nasal and closed compared to the tape version – really nice frequency balance re-distribution. But I personally find the high frequency distortion a bit too much and distracting. In any case, thanks for letting us taste the real effect of tape!

  25. Tape is the true glue effect I was chasing with compressors only, back in the day. Tape is the way to go.

  26. Bro it’s so amazing 🤩 how it turned out the result 🥵

  27. This may or may not have been already asked but.. 
    Have you reviewed IK Multimedias T-RackS Tape Machine Collection?
    (Of the four, they have a MCI JH24 emulation)

  28. unhealthy cult for hardware gadgets for insecure people

  29. I was wondering if you did a tutorial about using a tape machine. A 2 track tape machine.

  30. Im not shure about it, but I think that your default outfit is that jean jacket (the one you used in the moment of carrying the tape machine) and I understand why, its hard these days to get a jacket like that, at least for me… :c

  31. I recorded on a successor of that machine. Never try to stop the tape with your hands :). Bits of fingers may fly. Congrats. The examples were tasty.

  32. i can hear the loss in resolution, but it fixes the rock mix more than harms it!

  33. OMG the incessant cuts in these videos just drives me crazy.

  34. A super great plugin indeed.Up to doing comparisons with software?mmmm

  35. Who is that rock song? ‘Make no mistake about it, I don’t want you.’ I want to buy that song; who is the band/song name/album???? Excellent….singer has great voice. Thanks in advance!


  37. Clickbait… and on a lot of your videos… not cool man… good videos but i dont like the clickbait…😒

  38. Ik ken je niet maar ik denk dat je Nederlander bent hahaha… Leuke video

  39. love to see more info/calibrating/ operating of this and watch how you use it

  40. I am mad at the clickbait especially since youre the top result for best tape vst. May you have too many children.

  41. where was the difference between switched on and switched off, honestly?

    1. You need your ears tested if you dont hear the difference lol

  42. To say it in a Dutch way. Wat een droogkloot !! Gefeliciteerd met je aankoop.

  43. ´´ me haces loca cada vez que te vas´´ jajaja la música tiene fragmento en español, genial.

  44. mmmh! you just gave us Snake Oil buddy…
    Vingate Open Deck – VCM/VST3 for me.

  45. On the acoustic Song its Killer. But in the Rocksong i Like it without more.

  46. on the last song especially the snare vanishes until the the tape is bypassed….

  47. What about a comparision between tape compression and casette compression? It will be interesting to hear your take on doing the same thing but on a much cheaper casette recorder. A few year ago I bought a Denon CD Tape/recorder just to crushs and put some dirt on some tracks. It was nice but neve had the chance to compare with a proper tape machine.

  48. Wow the A/Bs are INSANE. It sounds so damn good. For that 2nd example the tape made the difference between making it a song I’d enjoy or not enjoy.

  49. Um a word of advice about your dance moves, dont give up your day job.

  50. Softube Tape for me, bought for € 39,- or so in a sale. 😉

    1. UAD 102 Ampex even better – by a long shot…but 300 bucks lol… and powered by DSP.

  51. I love this clickbate, I feared that you gone rogue 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙌🏻👌🏻

  52. My dad has one and I dont knows how to use it. Yet. Also it needs repairs. I know zappa had one, umm more people? How many made??

  53. I was lucky enough to fly from Ireland to Memphis play guitar on a whole album that was done to tape in Memphis Magnetic studios. Tape just sounds so slick

  54. Why are you click baiting us mate? Some of us are on a budget and would have liked your opinion on the best tape emulator. Your snake oil series is pure elitism at its finest, you just tiwddle a few knobs and declare it terrible. Unsubscribed.

  55. Testing tape machine, proceeds to play some retarded over-compressed god-awful pop song. This guy is like Andrew Huang v.2 in a way, Huang uses $10ks worth modular gear to write the same god-awful pop songs too…And both probably think theyre cool and next level lmao…

  56. Im listening to this in bed on an iPad mini speaker thats half pressed to my chest and the comparison is still incredible.

  57. Ok, cool showcase, but … wow, that’s a heavy Dutch accent.

  58. what is the name of the slow acoustic song, really liked it.

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