Kazanma Yolları, Taktikleri cleo kumarhane 4 ejderha Crazy

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Shea Hair Food – RayDazzle

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122 Replies to “Kazanma Yolları, Taktikleri cleo kumarhane 4 ejderha Crazy”

  1. Great hit!! Nobody here has Cleo II, just the original. Nice comeback!

  2. Thats an epic comeback: you doubled your money plus $50

    Really love the room tour intro!

    — Dancing Louie
    One of your subs!

  3. That was such an AWESOME WIN!!
    CONGRATS!! LOVE the hotel room. Been over a year since Ive been to a hotel. I miss it.

  4. 😀👍🏼 really enjoy room tours and food review 😍

  5. Hey lady luck when will u and your husband make a trip down to Choctaw casino?

    1. Hopefully sometime this year! Weve had conversations with their people about coming down! Will keep ya posted!

  6. Living the High life ah!.boom boom boom.Great as always.You been hiting lately.

  7. Another awesome video. Thats for the hotel room tour at the beginning. A great room to relax in.

  8. Never can get enough of Miss Cleo very nice hand pay jackpot 🙂

  9. The queen has taken down Cleo congratulations keep on spinning hopefully winning.💚💚💚 and theres nothing wrong with a room tour I love them.good luck from Addison Illinois.

  10. I love that room, you should always take us in a little tour be4 the slot 😍

  11. Please do a room tour with all you videos. Room tours are awesome. Who wouldnt want to see that epic room. I want that bar for my house. It is beautiful. Thanks for the look at 5$ Cleo2. I can see you two hitting 60-80k on a good bonus.

  12. Ho Lee Chit ! Wow what an epic come back. Congrats on dodging a bullet there. Whew! Stay Lucky and nobody but Mr Lucky should be touching your box…. lol sorry i couldnt resist.

  13. Great win lady luck well deserved 😁😁😁👍👍👍

  14. Hiyyyeee my awesome friend lady luck hq Francine!!!…great room tour and winning on miss cleo jackpot is unbelievable 👏 and want you to have lots more please. And btw loving your new hair color purple youre rocking. Great seeing you today and see you tomorrow byyeee Johnny from Chicago

  15. This was awesome! Loved the room tour! And you have the hair and nails done looking 🔥🔥🔥

  16. OMG 😲😱😲your hair looks beautiful 😍💖💗💕💜😭😭😭🌺❤💯😳

  17. Talk about a comeback you two. Walk off Grand Slam bottom of the ninth with two out down 0 & 2! 💥

    1. @Carey Cox Thank you!! Your support daily is off the charts!!! Thank YOU!! ❤️

  18. If the 1st bonus spin was the last bonus spin.. Bonus wouldve been close to 50k…

  19. @1:31 you said this is where all the magic happens. Is that code for sex? LOL

  20. Ummm… Im sorry but you were wrong…the magic happens on the CASINO FLOOR😄😄😄

  21. I enjoy seeing more than just slot play! The room was AWESOME! I would like to see how you start your day. Do you do room service?😂

  22. I love cleo won 8k at ceasers on her 20 dollar bet with a bonus retrigger ❤ your videos💋

  23. That’s one pricey room unless you have some serious serious points racked up in your players card, and they play the right stakes to get a room like that comped. Love the room hope you have a wonderful evening…..

    Favorite saying. “Come onnnn”

  24. That particular machine can pay big, or take big 😭. I hit a few nice ones on it, one for 55k or so, didn’t record it for YouTube tho it was a line it. Did capture a nice bonus on it tho with a $300 bet 🔥

  25. That bonus! Hence why you got that Beautiful Suite. Love watching you guys! Say hi to Hubby.

  26. wow very nice room lady Luck enjoy your stay and keep winning…👏👏👏

  27. The other week i was at the aria playing a $500 double gold with approx $20,000 and on my very last spin i won $1,000,000

  28. I think it’s better to cash out and put a fresh cash in after the big bonus otherwise it will eat out your money. That’s what I noticed every time you get bonus, it will be a while to get it again. That’s my observation.

  29. Awesome bonus, congratulations! I think thats the biggest hit on that game Ive seen

  30. awesome lady luck u got lucky dont always work out that way trust me i know but thats gambling everyone has different beliefs or methods of playing i notice some ppl go put 20 bucks in a machine lose go to next etc etc me i play one i dont go machine jumping but ive lost big sometimes they dont wake up thats what they call chasing ur money cause i went mar 1 to casino my b day lost 500 my friend is like go to another machine i was like no way i got like 300 in here however it didnt wake ! lol i watched this i was like no no no no then it happened was so happy but i do agree with hubby feeding it a lil more maybe i had more but at least u got a profit like i always say lady if u break out even ur still a winner

  31. Lol you’re short 🙂🤙🏻🤷🏻‍♂️ anyways amazing video ,cheers you still need to hit San Manuel casino they’re almost done with their hotel resort expansion won 3k a week ago best casino in the west coast 💯🙂

    1. Haha. Yep!! Were excited to try out San Manuel! When that hotel is finished, well definitely make it happen! Nice Jackpot!

  32. Whats the best best to hit jackpot on an how do i do it

  33. You’re going to have to touch the box. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. I had to stop at 2:02 because I absolutely loved your super intro
    Francine! Wow a spectacular room with you the room tour hostess of the mostess. Will Watch youre awesome Cleo 2 come back later!
    –> Your intros are So Awesome!!!

    — Dancing Louie
    One of your subs!

  35. Soooooo jelly of your adorable shoes 😳💯❤🌺🥺😭😭

  36. That room was most likely comped, but would go for $800 a night at least.

    1. @oliverrr11 That was not a standard room, that was a higher end suite. I looked it up, and the one below that is even close to 700

    2. You are WAY off. The standard rooms are usually $300 or more /night if not comped. Around Super Bowl standard rooms were $899+ / night

    3. Definitely comped. Dunno how much it is typically but we spend a ton here so Im sure they dont mind giving a room like this 😁

  37. Miss Cleo been good.Let some money for me.uuu Lucky night.roar.

  38. Hello. I did not realize that you were not from Tampa. I am hoping to go to Orlando for five/six months this winter. I hope that we get to say hello
    Sandra 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  39. Wow Love to see that great win WTG SOOO happy 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️🇬🇧

  40. GREETINGS LADYLUCKhq!! What a performance I just saw with you and CLEO!! I AM so Happy that you got another VICTORY. Well I just got back from my Local and went for WILD WILD SAMARI!!! $5.00 A spin got two retriggers 45 games..I was actually saying LADYLUCKHQ THANK YOU and the bonus was only 55!! Not hundred $55.00. Oh well..I enjoyed your Room Tour..reminded me of THE RICH and FAMOUS SERIES!!! Yes Samuri was a DIRTY BOY!! STILL LOOKING FOR THAT HANDPAY and THANK YOU for your good wishes…YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

  41. Absolute classic game!!! I always enjoyed you playing with Miss Cleo 😜 Lady Luck does it again folks! Love the hotel tour, sooo beautiful!!! Cant wait to see your tour of Hollywood, FL 😃 Much Love & Luck Lady ❣😘

  42. 🇨🇦❤️’s ya LLHQ….Nice room and a nice double up 👍

  43. Great room tour! I love room service as well, just got it tonight at Cosmo, it’s always simply amazing. Congrats 🎊 on your great comeback though and greetings from fabulous Las Vegas!

  44. I agree on the line hits,when there’s doubt, it should pay out. Ha ha

  45. 👍🎰Amazing win!! That Room.!!!! OK my future demands I visit that casino. 🤩🍀🍀☠💀☠

  46. Miss Cleo is a Hooker until you Pay her, then she is your best friend!! UGH! LOL Great Vid Lady Luck!!

  47. Thanks for the room tour Francine! Very cool to see you doing something else!

  48. Im imagining myself in that type of room. Your room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing😊🙏

  49. You YELL at hubby for Short Stopping and you got the BONUS by Short Stopping it,,!!!!!!!!

  50. I love to see the rooms!! Is this in Vegas or hard rock? Is this recent? They STILL dont do room service in Biloxi.. Cant wait for it to return its pretty much the only way we eat at the casino.

    1. Ok duh, recent I guess, since you are wearing a mask.. So they are doing room service? Great come back!!!

  51. Wow! Fantastic!! Crushed that bonus!!! Congratulations!!

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