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203 Replies to “Bahis şirketi 777 Gerçek Para Yuvaları Amiral Institut kurde”

    1. Probably that the video is clickbait, edutainment at best, and poor substitute for scientific research.

  1. Where is the ionosphere? I never heard of the exosphere????

    1. Above the Earth. 
      I never heard of the exosphere???? -How would I know if you had?

  2. As soon as you said that the Thermosphere is where astronauts first experience weightlessness is where you lost all credibility. Gravity still exists there, hence… the MOON. They experience weightlessness because of falling while moving and not because of a lack of gravity. It they remained stationary, they would have the ability to walk.

  3. They keep having to change their story when real science shows things differently from the stories they have told us.

    1. @Deputy Nordburg so how come they lost the technology to get to the moon now, so they say but roaming around mars is no problem?

    2. @rig OMG a volatile radiation field? Radiation fields dont stop radio waves so why would that matter?
      Also today you can call landline telephones from your cellphone. Ship to shore telephone calls were happening in the 1920s. The networks are simply connected. Is there any reason to think they could not just connect a single telephone to the radios used at mission control? I mean they built a spaceship, it seems like they could solder 2-3 wires together.

    3. @Goats Milk Understanding of the universe is furthered every day of the week, certain things we didint know before we know now and this knowledge we can apply to what we thought we understood before, if it werent so, we would still think the lightning bolt is caused by angry gods.

    4. @Domagoj Galekovic So you admit they changed their story. I never said change it back. They were wrong about the moon being in space.

    5. @Goats Milk We also used to burn women on stakes, should we do the same now? No, i dont think so

    1. Some notorious examples are: the Catholic church, the Flat Earth cult, the Anti-Vax cult, the Global warming is a hoax cult, the You are brainwashed by the government cult (seriously which government are they talking about its almost as if they assume we all live in America), and many more.

    2. @Rich Richy Yes. Seeker is like Church! They demand bowing!

  4. Ive learned that media of all kinds are made to just lie to us.

  5. We know that genius. How can you leave if there’s a dome blocking the sky?

    1. If there was a dome, you would have a point. But there isnt, so you dont.

  6. My honest definition for the air would be, less oxygen makes more waste in the atmosphere.😩

  7. I dont think so Van Allen radiation belts says differently, outside these belts which no one has been, simply as NASA engineers have today said they are trying desperately to find a way to protect a human from the radiation belts, they have also said this extreme radiation levels effects the onboard electrictronics causing malfunctions. So regardless of what other dreamers are saying these are the hard facts.

    1. You have zero facts, hard or otherwise. Want to know an actual fact? Here it is: The Van Allen belts were discovered by NASA. Before NASA discovered them, nobody had any idea it was there. So here is the followup question to that fact: Why would NASA – responsible for faking everything – invent something that makes space travel impossible? Wouldnt it be a lot easier for them to just not invent that? Idiot.

    2. Why do hoax people believe in the Van Allen Belt? I just think its so funny. The government says theyre are belts of deadly radiation. Hoax people think belts means a sphere, think its 1000x stronger than reality, but otherwise buy in wholesale without a shred of evidence. Why?

    3. Nonsense. NASA is seeking a way to shield astronauts from the radiation of space not the Van Allen Belt. They can simply fly around the Van Allen Belt as they did during Apollo. Find one reference to to prove your hard facts I dare you.

  8. You mean you mean the prison and the recycling system

  9. I feel like an astronaut in the ocean🎵 Space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement 🎵

  10. She literally just told yall the earth is flat for the dumb asses that dont believe it.🤣💯

  11. I forgot everything you said lady. But the girls are great.

  12. The earth is flat with a dome over it and they admit that when they said we can not leave earth it is enclosed .

  13. You missed out ionosphere…..lame……..

  14. Then is all other planets domes ? What a out the moon n sun

    1. Domes as far as you can see. Even the Astrodome in Houston.

  15. What a load of bollocks! A treadmill of bullshit🤣

  16. So the atmospheric pressure of earth and the infinite vacuum of space are separated by gases?
    Thats so dumb, its hilarious and could never be repeated in a lab.

    1. @Matuse Why so aggressive? It makes you sound like youre speaking from a position of doubt and weakness.
      If youre confident in your assertions, that should be reflected in calm and confident replies. 👍🏾

    2. @SiRobb I see weve reached the pinnacle of your intellectual capacity. No surprise. All flerfs are imbeciles, and you are not an exception.

    3. @SiRobb Buzz. Wrong. Echo soundings. Analysis of lava. Density measurements. Just because YOU dont understand anything doesnt mean everybody else is so limited.

    4. @SiRobb Except there is, and you sticking you fingers in your ears, and petulantly pounding your heels on the ground while throwing a tantrum doesnt change that.

  17. So if we’ve never been out of the atmosphere how do we know that we can…you know leave the atmosphere?

  18. Doughhhhme
    Stop getting your facts from the Simpsons cartoons.

  19. people: nothing really changed because of this, this was already thought to be likely, science is NOT changing their story, lmao

    1. Yes, the nameless they think this. Also please dont include me in we.

  20. Otro cuento chino …muy buena actriz casi me la creo …

  21. They have to refine their lies as knowledge increases.

  22. So we went to the moon but are just finding out it’s still in our atmosphere… lies

    1. It is a lie. We have known since well before Apollo that the Earths atmosphere releases particles. Shame on Seeker.

  23. How about we teach YOU some real Science, BiG Bertha!

  24. My bet after watching Gravity is that we are not going anywhere. You can send a piece of metal up into space but the human organism is evolved in earth’s atmosphere. But I always wanted to know how human waste is handled in space, how do they wipe? I think human sanitation in the big cities is amazing. What would life be like without the S trap?

    1. I think they wipe in a pretty normal way. Not sure why they wouldnt

  25. Omg youre such a babe! Those ham hawks you got in your sweater look mighty supple

  26. O group of Jinn and men, if you can cross the limits of the heavens and the earth, then you may cross them; You shall never be able to cross them, except with God’s permission. (Al-Rahman 55:33)

    1. Except for how the firmament was made up to explain why the sky is blue, and it doesnt exist at all…you nailed it!

  27. That little astronaut looked lost ? – From Lost in Space ?
    You know those animated astronauts in the title sequence of Lost in Space!

  28. Stop people this stupid globe. Earth is flat and the earth is so huge beyond people imagination. Above the earth is a Dom. Read Quran and you will find the truth.

    1. @The executioner Thanks for admitting that they are facts. You flerfs are all imbeciles. Its pathetic.

    2. @Matuse those facts are given to you by Globetards

    3. Earth is a sphere. There is no dome. You are an imbecile. Those are facts.

  29. Please, what stops our atmosphere from dissipating into the vacuum of space?…how do we have gas pressure without a barrier?

    1. Go learn what gravity is, and what gas pressure means. Being ignorant is your choice. Choose better.

    2. Our atmosphere is dissipating into the vacuum of space. And at the same time being replenished by the Earth. Both are very slow processes that have reached an equilibrium.
      The gas pressure of our atmosphere is different all over, with no barriers. Check Houston and Denver for example.

    1. Thats just what the government wants you to think!

    1. @Grace Faith Winsome I know. I am just starting a conversation.

    2. @Deputy Nordburg Sorry! Was not saying that to you.was saying it to the video.

    1. @SSD Durdan I am similar to how I was, but not exactly the same. We all get older…

    2. Moon hoax people? No its not clear you can do much. Kind of a stay at home and post on youtube crew are you not?

    1. They made it to the moon Stanley Kubric even said so in his movies.

    2. @Deputy Nordburg perhaps you are, lol. Get a life instead of saying crap

  30. Is this setting the stage to argue ownership when we start fighting for territory with Martians?

    1. @ff5 Eddie There are more videos on YouTube about Astronauts going to the moon, finding UFOs and Aliens and being forced to leave, then there are about the moon landings being fake. They are bad and silly, but we cant discount them!

    2. @Deputy Nordburg
      LOL! I forgot about the giant Luna Tics

    3. What about the moon people? You know,… the lunatics. We must fight them first.

  31. But technically youd have to leave the space ship to leave the atmosphere of earth which is in the ship, taken from earth

  32. WOWWWWW lol . the only thing u said that was not utter none sense was that NO ONE has EVER gone outside the earths atmos .utter TOSH ,space is a 2nd law of thermo dynamics violation . u cant have gas pressure adjacent to a vacum without ENTROPY TAKING EFFECT .

    1. u can have gas pressure adjacent to a vacum. A home vacuum cleaner does this. So does a turbo charger. Or a hair dryer, or a ceiling fan.

    2. Like all other flerf imbeciles, you have never read and have no comprehension of what any of the laws of thermodynamics say.

  33. Why is she talking to me like Im 12? Why is she dragging her words out? Why does she say some words loud and whisper other words? I cant focus on anything shes saying.

  34. the earth is a flat plain. Get over it. We have been lied too…. name one person who has ever flown down to Antarctica and continued flying over Antarctica and coming back up the other side!

    1. Brian Baum. In 1977, he was one of the passengers on Pan Am Flight 50 which circumnavigated the globe going north to south. Youre ignorant and stupid and wrong about absolutely everything.

    2. Richard. Now you name someone whos been to the dome.

  35. When these clever scientists figure out that space is not a vacuum but is plasma, then I’ll give it a Like.

  36. Watching this video in 2035 while Starship landing on Mars is all over YouTube. 😁

  37. When I was a teenager I told my mom I was going out to the Movies with my friends to see a movie called The Defense of the Realm but really I was going drinking with my friends down by the river. When I got home still partially drunk she asked me what the movie was about and I made up this elaborate story about heroes with swords dragons and damsels in distress. Then she opened the News paper and read the real description of the movie, it was some kinda boring drama.
    The girl in this Video reminds me of my teenage self 😂 she is a terrible liar.

    1. It is almost like small YouTube channels are not the best source of scientific information…

  38. Im no scientist but my schooling taught me that vacuums suck air. So, if there is a giant vacuum in space, how does it not suck all the air off our planet. I dont think you can say its gravity because gravity cant pull clouds down let alone air. You also cant say its the spin of the earth because when a ball spins, things fly off it, not stick to it. Just trying to figure things out that dont make sense.

    1. @Regine What do you think sticks you to the planet? Or the ocean, or a 57 Chevy? Gravity.
      Its easy to think of air as having no weight, but stick your hand out of the car at 60mph and it sure feels like its pushing.
      Our atmosphere is (at a very slow rate) both streaming away from earth, lost into space, and at the same time being replenished by gasses released from the Earth. Think about how a lake takes water in from rain and rivers, and lets water out.

    2. @Deputy Nordburg thank you. So why doesnt our atmosphere push into the vacuum of space? What makes it stick to the planet? Where does the pressure of our atmosphere come from? What makes it stay there? I heard once that there is evidence our world used to be 2 atmospheres of pressure. How does it change? So many questions. Sorry, just trying to understand with my simple little brain. You dont need to answer, but if you know, thats great.

    3. Vacuums do not suck air. Air (gasses) expand and push into a vacuum. Vacuums are nothing, and do nothing. Space is not a perfect vacuum, even the deep space between planets. We think vacuums pull as a simplification. 99.9 percent of human life is conducted at about the same a pressure, one atmosphere. We think of anything less than that normal as negative, sucking. Its not.

  39. On the flip side, if you were an aquatic being living on a water world, space would start just above the waters surface 🙂

    1. @raven lord OK Im blocked. Should i feel different now?

    2. @Deputy Nordburg OK, youre blocked. Have a better day, and find someone else to troll.

    3. @raven lord I dont recall posting about it. You did that and I asked a question. And assuming I lack the concept of particle density in a gas / plasma seems like another one of those assumptions you blame on me but are really just you.

      I do know that an ocean planet is a type of terrestrial (earth like) planet that contains a substantial amount of water or other liquid at its surface or within a subsurface ocean. Surface land is not precluded as you do above. Titan is considered the closest we have to an ocean world and it does not adhere to your either no atmosphere, or all atmosphere criteria. It is known to have a thick atmosphere.

      In any case it seems an odd thing for you to upset yourself about.

    4. @Deputy Nordburg OK you are just trolling now, either willfully ignorant or purposely belligerent. If you didnt spent 15 seconds doing a google search on ocean planets and water worlds, then you had no business posting about it. And you obviously didnt even watch THIS video either if you still lack the concept of particle density in a gas / plasma. Seriously, educate yourself and stop wasting peoples time.

    5. @raven lord Well it is YOUR imaginary world. You could make it simpler by just deciding if there is an atmosphere. Though, no atmosphere seems impossible due to evaporation, and an all atmosphere water planet seems a bit of a paradox. Many people might just call that a gas planet. Thankyou for being honest though…

  40. Are You lot in the comments actually being serious or are You being sarcastic, I genuinely dont know as I have Aspergers Syndrome?!

    1. @Underground Music UK Well if you walked into a plumbing convention would you be surprised to hear people talking about plumbing? Youtube is the church of conspiracy theory.
      But flat Earth is the same, its not about the shape of the Earth.
      Does your town have a bus depot? How about an airport? Go visit both and ask about flat Earth/moon hoax/chemtrails/UFOs etc. Can you predict the responses?

    2. @Deputy Nordburg If they are serious then that is bad. I tried to watch a flat Earth video once and I expected the comments section to be laughing at the documentary but they seemed to be agreeing with it, much like here, and I dont really get it…..

    3. Poor Asperger. Give him back his syndrome!
      Also, most hoax folks (thats what I call people who pretend we did not land on the moon), dont know or care if we did. That is not the point.

  41. Soôoo, the moon IS inside earths atmosphere? Hmmm, not a conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact.

  42. Space, an area absent of matter, is pure science fiction. No such area exists in the material world. Also science fiction: A physical horizon. There is only one horizon and its apparent. A line where sky seems to meet earth.

    1. @Matuse
      Youre chanting the same false claim. Youre a cultist. The definition of horizon is an apparent line. Explain why you imagine a plane has no horizon. Explanation?

    2. @onefodderunit The horizon is the planet curving down and out of your eye line. It could not exist if the earth was flat. It not an apparent anything. You dont know how anything works.

      And still waiting to hear about this barrier that I somehow drove through when I went from sea level up into the mountains and the air pressure dropped. When can I expect to hear your explanation for that behavior?

    3. @Matuse _The horizon couldnt exist if the earth was flat._ <<< Another idiotic false claim. The horizon is an apparent line. Explain why you believe itd only appear on your fantasy ball. Explanation?

    4. @Matuse
      Let me know when you believe you found an actual photograph of a physical horizon for your ball fantasy cult.

    5. @Matuse
      No scientific evidence of a sky vacuum for your spaceball cult. Matter goes up and down with no scientific evidence for an existence of Einsteins non-force called gravity.

  43. She just said the moon is in our atmosphere but its 240,000 + miles away makes no sense

  44. Hey lady, I would absolutely love to give you an Australian Kiss. Its similar to a French kiss,
    UNDAHHHH!!!! 💋 👅 😛 😜 😝 🤑 😋 👅 😛 😜 😝

  45. Typical low iq morons. Yes we have. My friends are pro astronomers. They have walked space walks and the ISS.

  46. Were in a geocentric system, yall!

    Theyve been lying to you since they said we landed on the moon but they destroyed the technology so we cant go back lol

    The earth, the luminaries, and everything else you see in space was created by the unmoved mover! The great I Am 💗

  47. That would put the Van Allen belts inside of our atmosphere, hmm does anyone see a problem with this?

    1. @Eddie The proper response would have been to demonstrate that you know what youre talking about. But since you dont, you cant.

      While you come up with more of those deeply cutting emojis, heres a fact and a question for you:
      Fact: The Van Allen Belts were discovered by NASA in the 1950s. Prior to that, nobody knew they existed.
      Question: Why would the organization responsible for faking space flight invent something that would make space flight impossible? Wouldnt it have been a heck of a lot easier for them to just NOT do that?

      Go ahead, dazzle me with your emojis, Mr. Free Thinker. Then proceed to directly quote flerf con artists while hypocritically complaining about other people being indoctrinated. You imbecile.

    2. Yes, I see the problem. The problem is that you have no idea what youre talking about.

    3. You might want to look up the South Atlantic Anomaly. The part of the VAB that reaches down to 200 miles from the surface.

  48. You realise that this video just confirmed that the moon landings back in the 60s were a big fat HOAX. Yes NASA also states that all the technology from the moon landings were conveniently destroyed and that now we cannot go past low earth orbit.

    1. @Londondude Just point a telescope at the landing sites and take pic of the empty space.

    2. @Deputy Nordburg Lol yes. Just do some research. Moon landings were totally fake

  49. I love her podcast. Most of what she says is way over my head but I still like listening to her.

  50. 00:26 That line that you claim to represent 100Km is closer to 2000 Km.

    Above the Karman Line, you are effectively in space – the number of particles per cc is close to zero. Those particles make it, strictly speaking, a continuation of the Earths atmosphere

    1. Those particles as you get farther and farther away from Earth are less and less bound to Earth by gravity. Some percent of them did not even originate from Earth, but more likely the sun. Calling that Earths atmosphere will certainly generate clicks and comments, but Seeker is not really the authority on the topic. Their edutainment videos are fun but they dont actually decide where the atmosphere ends. And the clickbait tile that got you here is just that… clickbait.

  51. how would anyone know where the exosphere is unless theyve been there? or at least sent a satellite? of course the moon is in the earths atmosphere and so is the sun.

    1. of course the moon is in the earths atmosphere and so is the sun. how would anyone know where the moon is unless theyve been there? When did you go to the moon and sun?
      The distance to the moon was first determined by measuring the time it took for the Earths shadow to pass during an eclipse approximately 2300 years ago. Later triangulation was used measuring angles with sextants. It was determined in the 1920s using radio waves. Sort of primitive radar. In the late 50s this was done with light via laser.

  52. And that is because the sun and the moon are within the system nice try though got to love the deceptive Twist on everything

    1. The moon is the Earths satellite, and the Earth orbit arounds the Sun. So yes, you are indeed correct. They are all in this system called the Solar System.

  53. Tell me the earth is flat with a dome firmament without telling me the earth is flat with a dome firmament.

  54. So where did bezos and that kid go? They paid millions to just go higher 😂😂

    1. Jeff paid way more than millions, the kid paid nothing.

  55. Sound like these assholes dont know space from a hole in the wall

  56. Thats because the moon is a lot smaller and closer than youve been told. Its only about 4.500 miles above the Earth.. so yes, its inside the atmosphere

    1. Nonsense. Its much closer than that. I believe it to be about a foot past my arm. At least when I reach for it, I cant grasp it. And if I move closer, it moves away.

    1. All the meteorites hitting earth have a different opinion.

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